Vibrant intensifies its color and reduces its size to become PETITE. Pieces of sterling silver plated in gold with cubic zirconia of various sizes. Vibrant colors like orange, green, teal, and fuchsia combine in small hoop earrings, delicate necklaces, and matching rings. The set of climber earrings with small colorful flowers and its matching necklace are poised to be the top sellers.

Gold gains ground in the colorful Vibrant collection. In sterling silver with gold plating and zirconia in festive colors, these four earring designs are an homage to Mediterranean light. The herringbone pavé of the TRIGO hoops makes a statement with its novel combination of colored zirconia, notably orange, which will be a strong color this season.

One of the pieces that catches the eye for its uniqueness is the impressive riviera bracelet and matching circle pendant with channel-set multicolored zirconia. In addition to chokers and bracelets that combine large baguette-cut zirconia in bold colors.

The Salvatore Plata cross pendants are an unmistakable classic. Updated with zirconia in new colors, they have a timeless charm. Are you bold enough to wear them?