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We are pleased to present Legacy Summer, the new Salvatore Plata collection for this year’s spring/summer season.

Inspired by the powerful Greek mythological figure of Electra, each piece represents her essence: that of a brave, independent woman willing to challenge social norms in her quest for feminine empowerment. A collection that eclectically blends the timeless elegance of ancient Greece with the bolder aesthetic of the nineties, while revisiting the most important jewelry styles worn throughout history.

It was at this time that our brand came into being and its brilliance continues to sparkle in Salvatore Plata’s DNA. A decade renowned for diversity and fearlessness, with a bold style where rebelling and authenticity ran the show.

With the Legacy Summer collection, we’ve reached a new level of innovation by taking the volumes and the color of the plating to another dimension in the world of fine jewelry in sterling silver.

Legacy Summer,
the new collection
Spring-Summer 2024

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