Our Brand

A little history

Salvatore Plata was founded in the 1990s with the aim of bringing fashion into fine jewellery which, at that time, was limited to gold. Salvador Pellicer Sánchez, its founder, decided to bring the Italian design, found in the most exclusive jewellery, to production in silver. This is how Salvatore Plata came to be the pioneer in this field in the Spanish market. With more than 1,000 new pieces each season, Salvatore Plata presents very carefully created, up-to-date and highly sellable collections. We have met a great challenge and now there are more and more people who own some Salvatore Plata jewellery. We have grown. Our international expansion has been significant and we are now present in more than 60 countries and more than 11,000 points of sale. We have matured, there are many more of us and together we continue to work and learn every day to achieve our goal of continuing to be the main point of reference in the world of silver jewellery.

We are fashion

Salvatore Plata has always been in contact with great Italian jewellery designers and manufacturers, and this has imbued the collections with that characteristic Italian air. But it has always followed its own signature style and its jewellery has had its own character for many years. This translates into every piece, making them striking and unusual. Salvatore Plata always stays up to speed with trends in textile fashions, and converts its own collections into the perfect accessory for each season. The firm’s experience means its style can also translate to more classic pieces, without letting standards drop.

We are variety

We are capable of presenting around 1,000 new models every season, autumn-winter and spring-summer.
Our collections are characterised by their diversity, so that our clients can choose the pieces that best suit the style of their clientele.
However, every season, there is a very exclusive line: a limited edition series of pieces that our followers await with great anticipation.

We are quality

The materials we use to manufacture the jewellery, and sterling silver in particular, have values well above the legal limits for both the Spanish market and the international market. We use the latest colour bath technology for silver, which makes us pioneers in this area. Whenever we use stones or crystals, we seek the highest quality, incorporating the latest fashions in stones, sizes and colours. That is the focus of SALVATORE PLATA. Salvatore Plata guarantees its consumers that every piece is sterling silver. It collaborates with AIMME to certify the absence of any toxic, illegal or carcinogenic metals and together they ensure that only products that are good for people’s health and safety are sold.

Corporate brochure

If you would like more information, download our corporate brochure and get to know us a little better.