With a distinctive personality, the HE collection is notable for its wide variety of options.

Our tie clips, a new item with matching cufflinks and keyrings, range from classic rhodium- and gold-plated designs to more contemporary ones, where we have incorporated cutting-edge materials like carbon fiber, to add a touch of modernity and elegance to each piece.

Who said cufflinks can’t be unisex? Our BUTTONS collection invites you to incorporate them into your most personal outfit. Choose between timeless white or black, or dare to wear bolder options like green, fuchsia, or electric blue.
And if color’s what you want, don’t hesitate to choose one of our stainless steel cufflinks with natural stones: green malachite, blue lapis lazuli, black agate or onyx.
Still available in the collection are our popular bracelets combining a black leather cord with a stainless steel chain finished in rhodium or titanium carbon (black). We love everything about this piece, down to the clasp!